Tiles for a Cleaner Coast created by Joanna Deia Deya Mallorca

Sponsor Tiles for a Cleaner Coast

We are excited to lead the Tiles for a Cleaner Coast project, with ceramist Joanna de Deià at the helm. Our mission is to adorn Mallorca’s beaches with hand-painted tiles, encouraging locals and tourists to participate in litter collection and preserve the pristine beauty of this Mediterranean paradise. Join our mission and let’s leave a legacy of clean beaches and a trash-free sea. Together, we can protect Mallorca’s coastline and conserve the Mediterranean Sea for future generations.


Why Sponsor?

Collaborating with us on this initiative provides a number of benefits for your organization:


Visible Recognition

Being a sponsor, your company’s name will be immortalized on each tile, associating your brand with the noble cause of sea conservation. Moreover, your logo will be present on all our digital and physical communication material, including our website, promotional banners and event presentations.

Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Your sponsorship actively protects the Balearic Sea ecosystem, showcasing your commitment to marine conservation and enhancing your brand image in front of the clients

Community Care

By joining us, you demonstrate your dedication to the well-being of the local community and the preservation of Mallorca’s most precious natural treasure – the sea

How to Sponsor

You can sponsor one individual tile or a set of tiles with your chosen design and company name. These tiles are being distributed to different places and beaches on the Mollorcan coastline, thus presenting an excellent opportunity to associate your organizations with the message of environmental advocacy.

All the sponsors will have their organizations’ names mentioned on the website of our project with a special mention for the most generous ones.



VAT not Included

  • 1 tile: 50€ 
  • 10 tiles: 450€
  • 20 tiles: 800€.
  • 30 tiles: 1050€

Tile Options

Each tile is 20 cm x 20 cm in size and is hand-painted, so appearance may vary slightly.

The desired sponsor’s name will appear in bold at the bottom of each tile.

Please view tile selection below:

*please click on the pictures to see full view

Join us in Tiles for a Cleaner Coast

Together we can create a legacy of a clean coastline and a garbage-free sea. The remarkable coast of Mallorca deserves our protection and with your valuable sponsorship we could make a real difference for the community. The Tiles for a Cleaner Coast project is a symbol of the collective effort of organizations and individuals towards the goal of protecting the natural beauty of our islands’ coast and preserving the Balearic Sea for future generations.

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the Balearic Sea and create a sustainable future for Mallorca. Let’s unite and make a lasting impact together!

To become a sponsor, email Joanna@daya.de today!