Bowls & Plates

In the pottery department I make bowls and plates of various sizes, shapes, and motifs. Each one is painted uniquely so if you have a table setting, each person sits in front of a unique piece. Very special.

I paint the entire bowl, not just the interior. the branches flow around the bowl giving the feeling of being in a Deia orchard.

The large bowls are good for salads, pastas, and fruit. Even if you have a large bowl with a couple of pieces of fruit or lettuce in it, it does not look empty because it has the company of the painted fruits.

My standard large plates are flat or beveled. Flat plates are good for canopies, cakes pizzas, cheeses and hams etc.

The beveled plates are useful for larger portions of veggies and potatoes or any food with sauces.

I also make small, round and square plates.

Other sizes and shapes can be made to order.

Plates and bowls are painted reflecting the rich flora and fruits growing around Deia as well as the sea life. They will brighten up your life and remind you of your time in the nature of Mallorca.

Large Flower, Fig, Lemon and Orange Bowls with or without rim: diameter

  • 30 cm -135 euros
  • 37 cm -175 euros
  • 41 cm -185 euros

Low Bowls with fruits and flowers motif:

  • 18 cm diameter and 5 cm high – 48 euros
  • 22 cm diameter and 6 cm high – 62 euros
  • 26 cm diameter and 7 cm high- 75 euros

Flower, Fig, Lemon and Orange Plates with or without rim diameter:

  • 30 cm – 75 euros
  • 35 cm – 85 euros
  • 40 cm – 95 euros
  • Small round or Square plates 14 cm diameter- 24 euros

Large Olive Bowls with or without a rim diameter :

  • 30 cm – 85 euros
  • 37 cm – 95 euros
  • 41 cm – 105 euros

Low Bowls with olive motif:

  • 18 cm diameter and 5 cm high – 39 euros
  • 22 cm diameter and 6 cm high – 48 euros
  • 26 cm diameter and 7 cm high – 56 euros

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