I love to visit Mexico even if they are not great about their garbage collection. This year I stayed in IXTAPA. It is an exclusive area and the beach is extremely clean , even given the many hotels and condos lining the shore. This is because they are a ¨certified¨ beach and thus they have very strict rules regarding trash left on the beach. Each establishment is responsible for the entire beach in front of them up to the water. There are stiff penelties for those who do not conform. There are rule boards and people are well aware that they are not allowed to take glass bottles on the beach or syrofoam for example. There are recycle bins visible all along the beach as well.

IN nearby Zihuatinejo town , it is not a certified beach and nevertheless it is clean. How have they managed to keep it just as clean even though the town has plenty of garbage on the streets ? One reason could be the efforts of the school children who have painted signs in their own words, encouraging bathers to honor nature and not leave their trash on the beach. These are placed every five meters along the shore.

I hope that we can be as successful at keeping our beaches clean here on Mallorca. The Asociacion Ondine has a project called DOS MANOS which oranizes gatherings to actually clean up various beaches as well as an educational program to educate children in the schools of the value and importance of keeping our shores clean in an effort to protect the marine life around the island from ingesting our trash. This benefits us all as well .

You may like to join in on the efforts of DOS MANOS here on Mallorca: