I attended the recent conference of MISSION BLUE where renown oceanographer Silvia Earle´s announcement that the waters surrounding the Balearic islands have become a Mission Blue HOPE SPOT !!!!

The first in the Mediterranean.


One of the questions put to Dr. Earle and the panel by some students was, ¨What can we do to support? ¨ Brad Robertson said, ¨Get in the sea and explore it for starters; dive, snorkel and swim ¨. As a lover of the sea I find that many people feel disconnected from the seas and oceans. It seems so vast and alien from life on land even if , actually, they make life on land possible by generating half or more of the oxygen we breath as well as the water that we need for life in the form of evaporation into clouds that rain on us.

When we appreciate the watery world we live on and know how important it is to our lives then we will find ways to protect it. Simply by being conscious of not leaving our garbage on the beach which ends up in the sea is a great start.

One can join the Association Ondine project called Dos Manos which is working to educate school children of the value and necessity of putting their trash in the garbage bins..


Personally I have created ceramic murals to colorfully illustrate just that. People of any nationality can understand the message. Three of my murals are around Cala de Deia and the next will be going to Puerto de Valldemossa sponsored by a former resident there named Ralph.

Contact me if you want to sponsor an eco-mural by your beach or cala as It will inspire people to take their trash with them off the beach and reduce the amount of trash going into the sea.

And check out my fish tile trivets which support the efforts of the Asociacion Ondine as I give half of the price of the tiles to them as grass roots level support. They only cost 25 Euros!!

Let us celebrate this success and built upon it!!!

Joanna de Deia