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Having a fully customized piece is the perfect way to honor your one-of-a-kind love and commitment.

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Pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime.

I have made countless customized ceramics for special events across the island and I would be honored to help you celebrate your big day.

Together we can create bespoke pieces for your home, wedding party, parents, or all of your wedding guests.

The options are endless!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are personalized items used for?

Items can be made for decoration only or for practical, every day use. 

Personalized table markers such as «The Smiths 01.14.2025» for the newlyweds, name placards for the wedding party members, table decor, candle holders, door signs with the celebrants name on it, small tokens as wedding favors for guests to take home, and more! All of these are examples of decorative customized items.

Functional pieces for serving ware could include large plates or platters, cups/mugs, table salt dishes, olive oil dishes, small bowls or plates, water pitchers, and more!

These could either be gifts for certain wedding party members to take home or for a dual purpose, you can design a full dinnerware set for you to take to your new home. After they are used at your wedding party head table and let the memories of your special day live on in the meals you share together for years to come. 

What items can be personalized?

I can personalize anything!

Some common pieces include: portraits of the celebrants on a large platter, olive oil dishes, sea salt dishes, mugs, plates, serving dishes, tiles, heart necklaces or small sea creatures for the guests to take home.

What sort of customization do you offer?

This is also fully up to you.

You can add anything to the front or back of the item. It can be a design you like, the name of the celebrants, the date, the names of the wedding party on individual gifts, etc. 

I can make everything in your wedding colors, or the color pallet that you’d like to see.

The entire ceramic piece is your canvas for the exact customisation you’re looking for!

Who can personalized items be made for?

There are many important people involved in such a special occasion.

Of course, as the wedding celebrants, you might want a special piece done for yourselves to look back on and cherish for years to come. 

Perhaps you’d like to honor the parents, caregivers, officiant, or financiers of the wedding with a special token of gratitude. 

Or write the names of the wedding party on a small saucer for them to take home, waiting for them at their seat at the dining table.

Small wedding favors for the wedding guests and attendants are a sweet way to help others treasure their time celebrating you!

How many pieces can be made?

As many as you’d like!

We can discuss your budget and which types of items you’re looking to get done.

How much does personalization cost?

Personal, customized ceramics is a special treat that takes attention to detail, time, and resources to make exactly right. This is what makes handmade ceramics stand out from prefabricated or factory made items.

Depending on the degree of customization, timeline, types of pieces, we will find the right balance within your budget to ensure you have something beautiful to memorialize your special day.

Take into account that the ceramic process takes time so let us get started on designing your custom pieces with enough time notice to get them done–get in touch today!


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